As principal, it is my great and God given pleasure to welcome you to the College of Theological and Interdisciplinary Studies (CTIS). CTIS is the official ministerial training institution of Open Bible Standard Churches of Jamaica. The College is one of the oldest theological institutions in Jamaica and is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year (2014).

The school was founded with the primary purpose of training and equipping Christian workers especially of the Open Bible Standard Churches community. However, since its inception, the school has welcomed and trained all desiring and eligible members of other denominations to fulfil the mandate to teach the Gospel to all nations. Today, the school’s populations is comprised of over thirty-five (35) denominations.

The school is a member of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) and is registered as a Tertiary institution by the Ministry of Education. Our vision is to fulfil the mandate through effective biblical and theological training. Our mission statement states: “To provide training for men and women to serve in all areas of the Christian church and its related institutions and to prepare them for further studies.”

This we have been doing since 1954 by the help of God. Today, over 90% of the pastors and leaders in the Open Bible has been trained at the College. We have also trained a number of leaders from other denominations.

A good collegial atmosphere has developed at CTIS and our students have demonstrated that they can balance college life with their roles outside. Students at the college have forged lasting friendships over the years and have found and focused the areas of ministry in which God has called them to labour. CTIS is the place to be if you feel that God wants to prepare you for a specific ministry. God bless you as I look for to meeting you on campus, either at Twickenham Park, St. Catherine, Hastings Academy, May Pen or Mount Salem, Montego Bay.

Rev. Michael Hammond