Our History

The first Open Bible Missionaries appointed to Jamaica, Rev. Ivan and Katherine Morton, founded the First Church of the Open Bible in May 1949. In those early pioneering years, it was evident that knowledge of God’s Word had to be a priority in order to establish a foundation for the spreading of the gospel. Thus a teaching programme began on the verandah of the Morton’s home within a few weeks of the church’s commencement. Using material from their own Bible School training abroad, they taught such subjects as The Life of Christ, New Testament, Gospels, The Epistles, Second Coming and Divine Healing.

In April 1951, the church completed its own facility and the programme was moved there. From time to time other missionaries came and assisted with the school in various capacities.

In 1954 the first freshman class enrolled for the full-fledged training programme. And in 1957, the first graduation was held.

The school was moved to a newly acquired facility in Newport, Mandeville before succumbing to the desire for it to be moved to the capital city of Kingston on the church grounds at Washington Boulevard. It found a home on Half-Way-Tree road for several years before settling into its current home at the National Complex in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine which is now the Association’s National Headquarters.

The name of the school was changed from Jamaica Open Bible Institute in 2011.